September 20, 2013

Blogtember Day 14 - COMFORT, eep!

React to this term: ... comfort ...

If you ever think the about the word "comfort", or you are feeling a little bit blue, and feeling like needing some comfort right now, let's take it to the technical level and get rid of that lingering blue feeling...

Well, ... I just think that "COMFORT", c-o-m-f-o-r-t, is not a really pretty word if we do not know what it means! Try to say it over and over again, like every word, it will sound weird in the end, and truly, I don't think the word comfort represents what it should mean.

The thing about words, and languages, of course, they are there to give us a common ground in describing some things we know. So then we associate that thing with the word, and so even though the word comfort in my mind helps to pop images like cushions, sofa, warmth, quilt, bed, and people hugging, the word itself, well, it doesn't really sound pretty, does it? Coooommmmmfffoooortttt. Eep! :S

It sounds more like, come forth! Or... why is there a fort in it?... A fort is hard, and tough, and cold... Such confusing conflicting word ... :P

I think the things that comfort describes should be called as "fluff", or "mmmhhhh", or even "^^hmmm..." instead. Don't you think? Talking about some gibberish language in the most random manner me, yes. Haha. Sorry for the rambling, I'd like to present you with the etymology of the word or the history of the term, but I haven't search them yet. Also, I wanted to describe what the term comfort is to me, but I thought that would be boring, so...*


Happy Friday!
Hope you have a good one,

*Well, okay, here are some things that are in my term of comfort.
A hug, the longest hug, the warmth from a bonfire in a cold night, curling under the duvet on the coolest fluffiest bed, pillows, cushions, a tub full of warm water, and a bathroom with flickering scented candles! --As long as they are not suffocatingly overly sweetly scented. :S

September 14, 2013

From Greece with LOVE

A little update! My cousin just got back from Greece! She bought me back some beautiful little trinkets that I mentioned, here. Now I'm going to to show you them!

Look how pretty! :)

Note the decorated plastic bag (is also in blue).

There is a definite air of warm sea water, subtle warm sunshine, and white washed walls on them. I'm not quite sure why ... I'd love to go there too myself some time.

1. Olive Oil Bar Soap
I cannot find the brand of this soap, but she says there are just common items found for tourists. Oh well, I'm not complaining, I love olive oil. My friend even teases me for it, since I always say, 'Dry hair? Try Olive Oil!' 'Ooh! Dry skin! Use some olive oil!'. Olive oil gullible girl. :P
Anyway, It does look like something my aunt would buy loads of though, and it does smells ... SO NICE! :)) Soaps make me happy! Since they smell nice, clean, and fresh? Odd, I know.
No, it does not smell anything like real olive oil though.

2. Evil Eye Bracelet and Pouch
Did you notice the design of those bracelet beads? ... Those darker blue, with white dots, then light blue dots, and finally black dots? Notice how there is one too on the zip of the pouch?
Apparently they are called the evil eye. It is believed that people (or wizards in the past? :P) can transfer bad luck to you by looking at you. Thus the evil eye is meant to protect you by looking at the person back. Or so said Wikipedia and some other website references I read from. :P Yup, we learn new things every day, don't we? Now we know! Or perhaps you already knew, haha.
Lucky me my cousin didn't hear the tour guide well enough when she was explaining about this. Else she wouldn't have gave them to me. :P Orrr ... she would've bought more for herself and excitedly explain them to me. She just knew it meant something then.
Oh yes I'll be wearing them often! Besides, they are in BLUE! :D

Side note, she also brought my brother a milk chocolate bar made out of CAMEL'S MILK! She said it is a thing in Greece and its neighbouring areas. I did not get a taste of it, it was gone before I could try some of it. I guess... my brother enjoys camel's milk. ;) Do you think it tastes like normal milk chocolate though?

Dreaming of longgg relaxing vacations, ... where would you prefer to go? ...


September 09, 2013

Blogtember Day 5 - Are You an INTP Too ?

Please tell me you are, ... and then we'll talk about how our relationships go with other people. Also, I don't know many other INTPs, ... or ENTPs anyway.

Well, assuming Briggs and Myers and ... are right, since there are no futher follow-up theories yet about these (or are there?), then, I am an INTP! :D

So this is how I am going to identify myself with the provided definitions.

Truthfully, I have taken the tests much more than one time. The first time was in university for one of the courses, it was a short free web version with multiple choice questions all along, and I remember I got as INTJ. Then I took it again for another course at the university, same kind of test, but this time the longer version.

They identified me as INF- something. Point is the first 2 are always IN. So I am definite IN-- something something, where the last two might be because of only slight tendencies to one of the options given the questions.

Now some time around last year, I took a more formal sit down test for it. This time it was pencil and paper based, the questions were not only multiple choice questions, it was a paid one, and so it does looks more acredited, and so I'm going to use that result. Yes, I am INTP (again)! Haha.

Going into the actual descriptions. These are the points that I feel the most me, whereas the rest may be ... mmmhhh... okay, that could've been me at times. But there are the ones that are actually spot on! ALL THE TIME! Here they are!

It says...

What I feel the most me:
  1. They approach problems and theories with enthusiasm and skepticism, ignoring existing rules and opinions and defining their own approach to the resolution. They seek patterns and logical explanations for anything that interests them.
  2. They love to discuss these concepts with others. - One of my exes hated this. He though it may lead to disputes and he hates arguing. I love arguing for fun!
  3. They hate to work on routine things - they would much prefer to build complex theoretical solutions, and leave the implementation of the system to others. - Sounds like a horrible person, but true! :P
  4. The INTP is likely to be very shy when it comes to meeting new people. On the other hand, the INTP is very self-confident and gregarious around people they know well, or when discussing theories which they fully understand. - To a shame.
  5. The INTP has no understanding or value for decisions made on the basis of personal subjectivity or feelings. - More below.
  6. For this reason, INTPs are usually not in-tune with how people are feeling, and are not naturally well-equiped to meet the emotional needs of others.
  7. The INTP is usually very independent, unconventional, and original. 

I asked a friend, and these are what she thought true of me:

  1. They may seem "dreamy" and distant to others, ... - One, even called me Luna-Lovegood-like. Sounds too good to be true that one.
  2. INTPs do not like to lead or control people. They're very tolerant and flexible in most situations, unless one of their firmly held beliefs has been violated or challenged, in which case they may take a very rigid stance.
  3. Since their Feeling side is their least developed trait, the INTP may have difficulty giving the warmth and support that is sometimes necessary in intimate relationships.
  4. If the INTP has not developed their Sensing side sufficiently, they may become unaware of their environment, and exhibit weakness in performing maintenance-type tasks, such as bill-paying and dressing appropriately. - One person I knew complaint that I don't wear makeup at all almost every day, and yes, I know my hair looks like Einstein's almost (if not) always.
  5. They usually have complex characters, - I get this A LOT from people. 

What I wish to be true:
The INTP is at his best when he can work on his theories independently. When given an environment which supports his creative genius and possible eccentricity, the INTP can accomplish truly remarkable things. These are the pioneers of new thoughts in our society.


From the personal development page, here are some other insights, the strengths and weaknesses, and the suggestions. The weaknesses made it sound as if we INTPs are so socially handicapped with 0 EQ, and they were trying to help and highlight that. Badly. :D  

INTPs who isolate themselves rarely feel happy or successful. The INTP's feeling of success depends upon their opportunities to exercise their active mind, their opportunities to seek and find Truth, and the condition of their relationships and extraverted life.
  1. They have a natural ability to focus and get "into the zone" when working on a problem. They can absorb their minds completely with an issue, and work it through with amazing speed and accuracy. This ability makes them outstanding trouble-shooters. Since their logical abilities are dependent on their experiences, their abilities will increase with time. INTPs with experience are often seen as the "gurus" of their professions. - Does this mean I can be a beauty guru? ;) But I'd be too straightforward, 'Makeup?... Who neeeddsss makeup?! ... You are beautiful just the way you are...! C'mon, compared to having extra sleep every morning, and the amount of money you can save to be spent on something else...?" :P
  2. Their respect for precision in communication lends them the ability to accurately convey their ideas and discoveries in full.
  3. They are usually quite intelligent and can grasp difficult concepts.
  4. They are often jovial and good-natured, with a good sense of humor.
  5. They are not overly demanding in personal relationships, and have simple daily needs. They are often easy and enjoyable to live with. - People whom I've with would understand this, as basically I was the "ghost" house mate. But other people who doesn't know me that well would be afraid to try, they usually think I will be mad THE WHOLE TIME. C'mon who does that?...

  1. The INTP gets "stuck in a rut" and only does those things that are known and comfortable to the INTP.
  2. The INTP resists and rejects anything that doesn't support their own experiential understanding of the world. If they perceive that something is not logical, they reject it as unimportant. - I am so afraid of this.
  3. They reject people who think or live differently than themselves.
  4. They may be extremely caustic and insulting to others.
  5. They may become isolated from society.
  6. They may become overly paranoid about social organizations and institutions trying to control them.
  7. They may unknowingly or uncaringly hurt people's feelings.- Oh happened too many times.
  8. They may be completely unaware of how to express their inner world to others in a meaningful way.
  9. They may be completely unaware of the type of communication that is often desireable and (to some degree) expected in an intimate relationship. If they are aware of the kinds of things that are appropriate to say and do to foster emotional bonding, they may be unable to appreciate the value of such actions. They may feel too vulnerable to express themselves in this fashion, and so reject the entire idea.
  10. If pushed beyond their comfort level to form commitments or emotional bonds, they may reject a relationship entirely.
  11. Under stress, they may show intense emotions that seem disproportionate to the situation.
  12. They may not recognize basic social principles, such as appropriate dress and general behavior.
Recognize Social Principles. Realize that our society functions around some basic social principles, and that our society would fail unless those principles are recognized and upheld. In a democracy, people vote. At a red stoplight, people stop. If people stopped voting because it wasn't important them, who would be in power? If people stopped stopping at red stop lights because it didn't fit into their plans, how could we drive safely? Your priorities and plans are important, but you must recognize that the external world's agenda is also important. Don't dismiss the importance of principles that don't affect your life directly. - I like this one, gave me another perspective.

Basically feels good since it's like a justification of being a beep horrible person. :P Truly, though that can't be justifiable right?...

What were yours, what were yours, what were yours?! Do tell me... :)) Click the link to the free online quiz, here.


P.S.: I was making a video about this before I know about Blogtember, but apparently this post is going to be up first. :)

September 05, 2013

Blogtember Day 3 - How I Manage My Anger

"Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered."

The theme for today is to pass on some useful advice or information that I leaned and always remember?

There is actually one that I learned quite recently, about three years ago. I used to be a very emotional person, like my Mum, as I said here. :) I still am today, though I'd LOVE to say, and I hope I can say it, that I got better in controlling my emotions. Specifically anger.

I'm not saying that I have perfected the skill, or else my ex wouldn't say that I'm always angry for the littlest things. Oops. :P In my defense, for the past years, I was merely rambling, it felt NOTHING like the complete HOT, RAW sudden burst of emotions I felt before, and it felt GOOOODDD, for me at least. Haha. Granted I should've known that ranting would make the other person uncomfortable as well, ... but I didn't! :P So, the point is, I am still learning, but there is a lesson here, an information, that I hope at least partially useful, that I learned so far, and always remember.

In my opinion, anger is basically always derived from FEAR. In incapability to handle that pang of fear, came a sudden panic reaction, and frustation that is then felt as that raw, rough, powerful, sweeping, HOT emotion, that was pushing to be expressed. Or else it feels like we will explode. True story, we won't though.
But like dealing with a bratty kid, we cannot help to fall for his demand. Then we entertain him, feed the anger, and just like a bratty kid, the more we feed him, the worse he becomes.
This is worsen by the condition that, if you are like me, anger is labelled as a negative emotion that needs to be avoided at ALL TIME. The thing is, we cannot evade anger. It is a natural state and a part of the spectrum of human emotions. It is very natural and normal to experience anger. But there ARE other ways to express anger than to burst in flames, and no, I'm not talking about revenge.
I am NOT also going to say that anger is a positive emotion. It is bad to me. Bad, really bad to the people I know and who knows me as well. But, ... there are ways to express it, and proven ways to get away with it. Ways to relieve it, without hurting anyone, including yourself, and this is what we are going to talk about today.

1. To control that HOT emotion.
First and foremost I think it is to understand that anger is based on fear. Let me know If I am wrong here, but this is true ALL THE TIME for me. So when I feel anger, the first thing I do to control that HOT emotion is to identify the source of my anger, what was it that I afraid of?
Mind you, my responses to these can be the silliest things. For example, it always gets me when my parents or my brother, or anyone in no particular, walks back and forth, seemingly aimlessly, in front of my bathroom door, when I'm taking a shower. Granted it's also called a pet peeve, but what it really is was that since my bathroom door has this glass panel in the middle of it, nevertheless blurry, you can sort of see through it, also, I was scared that they can see what I was doing inside! Eugh! That would feel like being watched, that is so uncomfortable, and I can't freely do anything that I want in the bathroom. Also, since the walls weren't sound proof either, when they are in that close proximity, no matter how loud the sound of the water will be, they might hear me SING (oh dear gods, no)! Or talking to myself (I think out loud in the shower too). Point is, I was scared they could hear or see what I was up to, and I was scared of what they might've think of me! Mind you, I might be a very shy weird person.
Phew, that was a long explanation.
Now the thing is, whatever they were supposed to do in the close proximity to the bathroom is not wrong! OF COURSE! They weren't doing anything to harm me, specifically, or eavesdropping intentionally. It was just basically how I chose to feel responding to the situation! Then in my fear and seemingly incapability to do anything to overcome that fear, I felt anger instead.

Oh it applies to everything. The most common one is for example, you will be angry when someone is late. The common phrase will be, "Shame on you! You selfish PIG! You have NO RESPECT of my time! I ALWAYS try my best to be on time so that people do not have to wait for me!"
Read those words carefully. What argument is in there but ego?
Whereas the underlying fear can be anything really. You are afraid that you are going to miss the show (in the cinema). You are afraid of being late to the party and what your friends that have been there waiting for you would think. You are afraid that the person does not like you enough so they were trying to postpone meeting you. Or you were afraid that they don't think that you are good enough to be waited on earlier before you come. Or... you are afraid of the wait itself, that you will have nothing to do, and that you will be wasting your time. Seriously, the good use of your time is entirely up to you, even while waiting, or even the option to wait or not.

So, don't hold on to it. To our anger, I mean. You know what it said, drop it like it's hot!

Okay out of context, :) but IT IS HOT! Why holding on someting hot? Would you hold a burning red inglot in your hands? No! It hurts, isn't it, and you shouldn't! It will burn you! Nor should you throw it to someone else! It will hurt them!

It takes practice I tell you. I wasn't sucessful the first few couple of times, I was still feeling the need to hit something those first few couple of times.

Usually it was the wall, but then I cried because it hurt. :/ Eep! So then I started to punch my pillows instead. But they were too fluffy and adorable, and so I stopped doing it (what? haha).
Tell yourself it's okay. Emotions don't stay. Nothing in this world does. I always promise myself that once I get in my room and breathe the cool air, I will not remember anything about it unless I let my self to.

2. Express your anger assertively, simply tell them what you need.

The formula is said to be something like this, ... or this is my version:

"Oh no! Having you doing [a] makes me feel [b] because [c], would you just do [d] each time you do that instead?"


"Oh no! Having you clicking your tounge like that repetitively makes me feel anxious because I feel like I'm being rushed, it really is not a good feeling, would you not do that when I'm around please?"

They also do tell that the voice should be warm and welcoming. Have no idea yet how that sounds, haha, but I think it should definitely not raised voice, in normal tone, firm, but clear, and welcoming for inputs. Does that make sense? Haha, sorry. There was these several websites that you can refer to for the full on explanation, but I lost the links, I'll link it when I find them again. :)

3. Last but not least,
somehow I think when we are deprived of our basic needs, it will be easier for us to get irritated and thus angry, since we can't think straight enough. So avoid all things all the best we can that will make us irritable the whole time. Those mood bars in The Sims? Much like that.

Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, feed yourself all you can, don't hold on when you need to 'let it go' to the loo, and generally, find things that will make you happy! Do them! Sometimes some distractions can work wonders too! :)) Oh Youtube and Bloglovin can be amazing, even Google image (cute cats pictures)! :)

Happy anger expressing!


September 04, 2013

Blogtember Day 2 - Around the World in 80 Days

"If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?"

Seriously, what would you do??

What would I do???

Hmm.... There are times indeed in my daily life when I feel like I just CANNOT wake up and face that day.

So, assuming I am in such days... Wait, hold on, actually a 3 months break sounds good ANYTIME! But my mind cannot help not to make parameters for this. So let's make this less fun:

Case 1:
When I have to take 3 months off, as is in my current condition, in the most realistic way.
Then I would ....

  1. Spend my days at home.
  2. Sleep all day to evade reality.
  3. Worry about my mortality.
  4. Be depressed about how underachieving I am compared to my peers and generally other people.
BUT, I might also:
  1. Pick up my a new skill.
  2. Make more videos and blog post drafts and publish them at the very end of the 3 month period (procrastination and self doubt take over)
  3. Enjoy it so much that 3 months feels like a breeze.
  4. Feel extremely relaxed and ready to take on life challenges afterwards.
Let's keep off our wishes of finding a date on these times to a nonexistent. Since that is what is likely to happen. Oh yeah, such joy optimistic view. :D

Now on to the fun part! after all those gloomy depressing lines *cue in the happy music now*.
Case 2:
If I will be ...

  1. paid during the 3 months, and...
  2. have an unlimited amount of financial resources in my bank accounts.
Then ... Woohoo! I would ...
  1. Go around the world in 80 days, and try my best to live like the locals. Promise not being an annoying tourist. Unless from my apparent physical distinction, I will stay quiet the whole time and just try to enjoy the FOOD. Okay, maybe the view as well.  Roughly the other 10 days for rest and recovery.
    We'll save the moon for another time. Also, technically, that would be out of this world. Literally.
  2. I would put my self in a short course to learn a new skill. I'd love to learn a new language!
  3. Set up a business and hire a good marketing guy. Then date the marketing guy. Just kidding.
  4. Prepare applications for scholarship.
  5. Prepare applications for jobs for big BIG companies.

Oh such a lot to do in only 3 months! In the end of it, it might also be me passing out and be cranky to go back to my normal schedule.

What would you do if you have 3 months off from your current mundane daily tasks? Isn't it fun to daydream? :))

I would add a picture of a big air balloon, but I might add it a bit later on and this line will be deleted by then. I don't know why I just think of big air balloon whenever I say "around the world in 80 days"!


Some Quick Words... #6 - When things get tough ...

Strew rainbow dust in the tornado if possible, or bleed rainbow instead... ?

Whatever that means...

What I meant really was to make it awesome instead... Kind of try to dance in the rain... The initial image in my mind was a girl who was little by little scarred, scratched, bleeded, and turned to dust particles by a vicious whirlwind...

But then I thought it will be to gory to depict. So no, I thought, rainbow dust instead :).

Sometimes when things get tough we can feel so caught up in the situation and in the end sort of lose a sense of who we are. Questioning almost every aspect of ourselves, losing the will to try anymore, or in my case the easiest tale-tell, neglecting personal appearance. Not extremely. But bad enough for people to notice. :))

Don't! The whirlwind will pass, and may we come out of it with an upgraded version of ourselves. Perhaps even sparkling gold instead.


September 03, 2013

Blogtember Day 1 - What I Come From

Blogtember day 1! Woohoo! The topic for today is to... 

"Describe where or what you come from. 
The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are".

Hmmm... what comes to your mind when you first read the topic?

Well,... personally, for me, it seems like, basically, it boils down to this 1 word: PEOPLE...
To me, whatever place or factor contributions will ultimately be delivered through people.

Nope, not shoving the responsibility of shaping myself to other people. But saying, that what affected me shaping me, were eventually, be it directly or indirectly, these people, through my observations and learned behaviours from them,... or through my learned responses to them. They were a part of my source of knowledge, my shepherds, or my lighthouse so to say.

As for me, these people are namely, my Mum and Dad, and my high school teachers. Say Hello to my Mum, my Dad, and my high school teachers.

Yep, the teachers weren't that cheerful.

These are the people who directly or indirectly shaped me (so far). My ME sculptors.

Now writing this, I just realised that it seems like my self development stopped since high school?? Eep!

Anyway,... My mum is a person whom I think will never grow up. Not that it's wronggg (!), as I don't really like to label people as "immature", let alone telling people to 'Oh, grow up you!' (there are really 3 reasons for this I think, if you really want to know; 1. I think growing up is a lifetime development process, 2. it is very subjective, and 3. I feel that if I say that, that sorts of justifies my self that I am mature and the other person is not, the other person is less than me, and thus a sense of arrogance, self-justification, which might be misleading. I don't enjoy that feeling).

Gladly we (me and my mum) have never been checked for mental health, as if we did, I'm sure we'll be labeled by a dozen of mental issues. But just take it in my words, I think she is a very emotional person, girly, and moody sometimes... and she expresses them all the time if you know what I mean (read: can be a test to any ordinary person who are used to ordinary average human responses living under the same roof with her during those times).
Don't get me wrong, Mum, you know I love you in every possible way. :D In every delicate possible way. :P

Also, it is not all bad about her, she has some good qualities too. People would think that she would crack under a lot of stress. She WILL quack and make you want to sack yourself from being around her yes, but she is persistent in pulling it through, and most of the times she will make them through. Point is, she might be tougher than we think. Unless in conditions where it needs petty physical or mental strength, such as opening bottles, fixing the sewing machine, or ... believe it or else, setting the washing machine for a wash. Then, she will use her girl power for things like these. By girl power I mean,... 'FERDYYYYY!!!!!!!!!'. Ferdy is really my Dad, just to make it clear.
Another thing that I really love about my Mum, is that I think she has a timeless beauty, elegance in appearance, and taste of apparels, and the knack to make beauty products and things to take care herself with from bare necessities. I sure do hope she passes down these qualities to me as well. Although whenever I look into the mirror, I think I have more rough manly quality than her obvious feminine quality. Sigh.

Growing up, I never realised how much I would turn up to resemble my mother in behaviours and characteristics. Until... I went on my own venture to find the ever so famous LOVE.

My parents' relationship has always been the only relationship I know of that I can relate and take as an example of. Well, theirs and those depicted Hollywood made romantic-comedies which are likely to be as unrealistic to what are apparently common. My Mum's responses and behaviours can be thought as exclusively my only reference on how a woman should behave in a relationship. Only yes, now I know that my Dad is a specimen of a rare breed of the extincting species of very-very-patient-gentlemen. Yup, that is the species name.

There was a time up until the age of 7-ish where I was very close with my Mum. We would sleep holding hands, mind you. Or more like me asking to hold her finger. She might be fed up with me even by then. My Dad in those days was working all the time, anddd... he would shoo me every time he was doing his work (he worked from home).

But then,... I grew very close to my Dad since, and I also found some things about myself that, no doubt, was learned from him. My late night and long showers are definitely learned from him, my helplessness stoic stance against emotional people also came from him, ... and maybe, just maybe (wishing), my sense of humour if I have any. Quirky, funny, and self-depreciating.
My father was also a very hard worker. He is also persistent (Ticked! Now I have this trait from both my parents), but with very little self confidence sometimes.

Now on to my last influence, my high school teachers! See when it was time to pick my high-school, I succumbed to the will of my Mum and fate to be enrolled in a... well, I wouldn't say posh, but it was prestigious. Girls my age back then would join the Hunger Games to be in it. Well not literally. Little did they know it was also some kind of Hunger Games once you're inside. A mental kind of Hunger Games.

Pardon me, okay, let me explain. It was a top high school that parents who wanted badly to be proud of their girls (it was an all girl very strict school), want their girls to be enrolled in. Badly, and I mean badly.

Now, there are some characteristics that will naturally come if you have ever been involve with such school:
1. Pride
2. Slight Jane Austen conventional feminism
3. Competitiveness
4. Social awkwardness
Please, the closest contact to a boy that we could get was the remains of the school janitor's fingertouch on our desks while cleaning them. Erm, that came out wrong...

Anyhow, these traits, were what were reflected perfectly on our school teachers, which very unsurprisingly were mostly (really, 90%-10%)... FEMALE! They seem fit to be Professor McGonagall's closest lady friends. Even Professor McGonagall was once married apparently. But these teachers, they chose themselves NOT to marry.
Now in my earliest clue of spinsterhood I start to think about them more than often. How I can understand even more their pattern of thinking, and how it rubbed me more than I thought I allowed. Hmmm... forging my way to the perfect path of Beatrix Potter. Not as great.

It was fun. I hope you had fun too reading it. Oh, it is always fun to be given the chance to 'talk' about our own parents. :P Or, okay, I might made this chance myself.

Happy Blogtember!


Let's Sit and Have a Cup of Tea


A mail delivery for a cup of tea? :))

How are you? Please take a seat... I believe this  is the first time we meet for a cup of tea?... :)

My name is Em, it is from Emillia. :) Please do come in and take a seat. It is rather scorchingly hot and humid these days, or else we shall sit leisurely at the terrace, but for today, shall we get some shade inside overlooking the terrace instead?

Today I have prepared for us a pot of tea (and endless stream of hot water, no worries, as much as my monthly water bill can take), ooh, it's still steaming in there! :)) Milk and sugar, of course, both brown and white. I don't know how you usually take your tea, so I have both. I also have lemons, and shortbread biscuits! To dip in the tea too of course! Store-bought though, I'm afraid. Has the oven been fixed I would've prepared some plain sugar biscuits,... or coconut biscuits? Or peanut butter cookies?... Mmm... I'm sorry I'm rambling... Ooh, I forgot to tell you I also have a plate of jasmines from the garden here, haha, no, please don't eat them! But I like to brew my tea with some jasmines too. They will come out very fragrant and lovely. I'm sorry if this sounds odd to you, my father even likes to brew bay leaves with his tea. Now that I don't like. :) Do you reckon lemon peel will work though? Then we'll make some lemon tea! :D

August has been a roller coaster of letting go and embracing new things if I may say. A lot of catching up with old friends, a lot of new experiences, new understandings, but as always with welcoming new things seems like we have to let go of some other things.

The person I was with also decided to leave me early in the month, well, I did care about this person, and I thought he would stay forever, oh... young love... :) I guess I do have some growing up to do... But imagine how lovely it will be to stay young at heart forever, probably not the evading the responsibility part, but to keep feeling, viewing, and experiencing the world with the same excitement every day like a kid will do. :)

In other view, since early in July I had my first AMAZING allergic reaction which successfully put me in bed for a whole month (well it was pretty serious), and shocked me pretty much since I have never ever had any allergic reactions to anything my whole life before then! Well, this month I think I finally found out that I am allergic to shrimp, seafood and such, because I kept getting some (much) milder version of the reaction every time I eat some of them. I knew that foul smelling calamari rings really did have something quite foul about it. Shame it looked so lovely.

Also, someone close to me got back from Greece around the middle of the month, and she bought (and brought) me some pretty trinket. I think I will show you after this, it is this little blue bracelet which I love. It is very very lovely! I might be biased though, you know blue is one of my favourite colours! :))

In this month also, I have been posting (and doing) more than I ever think I could. I also got some lovely comments too, so really thank everyone who has commented, read, or even take a time to visit this minuscule space in the world wide (very complicated) web of mine.

Anyway, please let me ask again, how are you doing? Please let me know below,... or leave your link,... I will listen ever so patiently and excitedly! :) Or... please, do head over to the lovely and creative Abi's from Creating Paper Dream, if you haven't yet, this was an invitation from her monthly event for this cup of tea... Isn't it lovely? :) This supposed to go up on the 27, but who am I if I'm not always late...

Oh, it has been fun... :) I feel like Alice in a better tea party than the Mad's. Thank you very much for joining me... Can I give you a hug before you leave? Hope to see you soon... Have a lovely day! *wave
Please come and join me again next month!

Happily yours, xo, ♥

September 01, 2013

Blogtember: A September Blog Challenge!

Hello lovelies,

let's gooo... Blogtember! What is that you ask? Or not, as it might be quite obvious by the name, I don't know. Haha. Well, anyway, it is basically a promise to blog every day in September!

I'm so excited about this! This will definitely be a challenge for me, as seriously, I barely could blog 3 days a week, so this will be interesting knowing whether or not I will be able to blog EVERY DAY! Well, okay, ... only for 5 days a week. Every day for 5 days a week. :) Every work day, basically, from September 3 - 20, 2013, so we can have a breathe every weekends. :)

This event is hosted by the lovely Jenni from "Story of My Life the Blog". There will be linkups at the end of her every blog post for this. So head over to her blog is you want to join too! More information here. Even if you don't want to join, take a peek of her blog.* No, i don't know her personally, but she can make any written topic interesting and she takes gorgeous pictures too! She had sweetly listed the writing topic for each day, and I have to say, there are not a single topic I don't want to write.

I'm not saying writing the post itself will be a breeze, but I think that's one big writer block sorted out, rather than to still be figuring out what to write every day! Unless for you a sheer geniuses, you, I know you're out there...
Also, it will be interesting to know what everyone is writing over the same topic! :)

So, ... see you there! Or here, every day of this month! Well, okay,... every work day, not literally every day of this month. :)


*P.S.: Did you know that if I include the button at the top of my post, my LiknkWithin will show her posts instead? I just found that out. I think that is a very interesting technical error :) So she was right. As in her blog post there, the button should be included at the bottom of the post.

Here's the butttooonnnn!!! :D