July 27, 2013

Tweezing ♥ All things pretty Saturday!

So why do I want to talk about tweezing on a Saturday?!
Or tweezers? ...
It's not exactly pretty is it?

Well, the thing is apparently I do my brows every Saturday!

And then I remembered how during my first times I was so confused on how to use a tweezer, and how I 'experimented' in using many types of tweezers before I found the ones that worked, ...
... or 'the best' way to tweeze with least pain!)

So well, this post is probably for first timers, ... but here you go, young buds...! Safe journey!

The Steps
  1. For firmer grip, hold the tweezer closer to the tip.
  2. With the tweezer, firmly hold as close as possible to the root.
  3. Pluck to the growth direction.
  4. Clean tweezers :).

To make it less painful:
  • Tweeze after shower, when the pores are still more open (when the skin is still warm and moist).
  • Tighten the skin area by pinning it down with tweezer while plucking to avoid tugging.
  • Or, numb the pain altogether by rubbing ice before and after tweezing.
  • Tweeze 1 (one) strand at a time.
Like this :D :
Tweezing direction.

Additional preparation note, if you have sensitive skin, rub (prescribed) lotion before tweezing.

The many kinds of tweezers

Now, there are many kinds of tweezers to choose from. The followings are the common ones based on their tip kinds:
Precision or pointed tip tweezer.
  • Precision / Pointed Tip
(+) Good precision for ingrown hairs.
(-) Harder to get use to.

Angled or slanted tip tweezer.
  • Angled / Slanted Tip
(+) - Better precision than blunt / straight tip.

- Better for shorter strands.

Blunt or straight tip tweezer.
  • Blunt / Straight Tip
(+) - Easier to tweeze multiple strands at a time.
- Better grasp.
(-) Less precision.

Ramy or rounded tip tweezer.
  • Ramy / Rounded Tip
(+) No sharp edges, definitely won't scar skin.
(-) Less precision and grasp.

Combination of slanted and pointed tip tweezer.
  • Combination of Slanted and Pointed
(+) Better precision than angled / slanted tip.
(-) Harder to get use to.

  • Rounded
Tweezer with rounded tip.
Although it's not common, my mum had a tweezer with this kind of tip. When seen from the sides, the tip is rounded instead commonly flat like the one below.
It has soft edges and a firmer grip for longer strands, but it is not suitable for short strands.
  • Flat
Tweezer with flat tip.
This is a common tip kind. It provides firmer grip for short strands, yet it might feel a bit rough on the skin and prone to accidental pinching.

It depends on what you use them for, but generally, I like and use the straight flat tip most. Where, for more precision, if needed, I'd use it at an angle.

Good luck! :)

July 24, 2013

MidWeek Comic Strip: "Positivity"

Hey! Stay positive! ;p
... and have a great rest-of-week!


July 16, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I think it is safe to say that I have been "abandoning" this blog for ... a month? :)

"So where have you been, Em?"

Well I'm here, kind of. I have been both busy and sick. True story.

It's not nice being sick, of course.

I have been sick for the past two weeks perhaps.
It's not like cold or cough or fever or such.
I ... had ... rashes ... all over my body ... I still shiver truly thinking about it.

It started out one fine night some two weeks ago.
It was a normal night, I was being confused about my life. Apparently that is what is normal to me.
When suddenly I felt a pinch of itch on my LEFT knee.

So I scratched. I thought "well hey, dry skin,... where is that lotion?"
So I smeared some lotion and prepared to go to bed, when,
"Ouch!" it itched again, this time worse than before.
So I smothered the lotion again and prepared to go to bed.

I made it through that night.
Only to find the following morning my RIGHT knee started to itch too.
So I lathered myself in even more lotion preparing for that day.
Yes, lotion doesn't lather, but I managed to do just that.

The following day however, it got worse.
IT WAS SO ITCHY! ... I couldn't do anything without scratching furiously like a cat.
Like some angry monster inside me was being angry at me! :(

My right wrist started to itch too.
And the following morning, the more I scratched, the worse it got!!!

It started to got onto my calves, and it developed hives, like I was stung by some thousand bees. :S

The FIRST doctor thought it was an allergic reaction, or something caused by some bacteria.
So he gave me some medicines and a tube of medicated lotion.
Which I smothered on gratiously.

A day passed.
Another day passed.

And my skin, the parts I scratched and gave the medicated lotion on, started to get redder ... and redder... I was genuinely mentally traumatised by the colour RED.
Not that I even like it at the first place.
It also had a burning sensation. :S

So the SECOND doctor came.

The red skin actually would turn to purple each time I tried to walk. :S 
She said she had never seen one so red (or purple) and advised me to go to a skin specialist.

So I ran to one as soon as the weekdays came, the THIRD doctor, and he said it was a virus.
He gave me medicated powder and some prescribed capsules and told me to use baby soaps only.

My mum wasn't so convinced and my neck started to itch too.

So we went to the FOURTH doctor.
He wasn't sure why too.
He recommended another doctor, another skin specialist.

The FIFTH doctor wasn't sure too,
She sent me to get my blood sampled, and she said it was an allergy.

She gave me an injection that day and gave me new prescribed medicines and liquid powder.
I should visit her again tomorrow.

Now I'm shedding like a snake.

More than enough for the bed bugs to feast on for the night.

And... of course while I was away this blog was 'viewed' purely by no more than some spam referral links :D
Oh, it tickles me thinking about it.

Hope you were having better days than mine!