September 04, 2013

Some Quick Words... #6 - When things get tough ...

Strew rainbow dust in the tornado if possible, or bleed rainbow instead... ?

Whatever that means...

What I meant really was to make it awesome instead... Kind of try to dance in the rain... The initial image in my mind was a girl who was little by little scarred, scratched, bleeded, and turned to dust particles by a vicious whirlwind...

But then I thought it will be to gory to depict. So no, I thought, rainbow dust instead :).

Sometimes when things get tough we can feel so caught up in the situation and in the end sort of lose a sense of who we are. Questioning almost every aspect of ourselves, losing the will to try anymore, or in my case the easiest tale-tell, neglecting personal appearance. Not extremely. But bad enough for people to notice. :))

Don't! The whirlwind will pass, and may we come out of it with an upgraded version of ourselves. Perhaps even sparkling gold instead.


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