September 04, 2013

Blogtember Day 2 - Around the World in 80 Days

"If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?"

Seriously, what would you do??

What would I do???

Hmm.... There are times indeed in my daily life when I feel like I just CANNOT wake up and face that day.

So, assuming I am in such days... Wait, hold on, actually a 3 months break sounds good ANYTIME! But my mind cannot help not to make parameters for this. So let's make this less fun:

Case 1:
When I have to take 3 months off, as is in my current condition, in the most realistic way.
Then I would ....

  1. Spend my days at home.
  2. Sleep all day to evade reality.
  3. Worry about my mortality.
  4. Be depressed about how underachieving I am compared to my peers and generally other people.
BUT, I might also:
  1. Pick up my a new skill.
  2. Make more videos and blog post drafts and publish them at the very end of the 3 month period (procrastination and self doubt take over)
  3. Enjoy it so much that 3 months feels like a breeze.
  4. Feel extremely relaxed and ready to take on life challenges afterwards.
Let's keep off our wishes of finding a date on these times to a nonexistent. Since that is what is likely to happen. Oh yeah, such joy optimistic view. :D

Now on to the fun part! after all those gloomy depressing lines *cue in the happy music now*.
Case 2:
If I will be ...

  1. paid during the 3 months, and...
  2. have an unlimited amount of financial resources in my bank accounts.
Then ... Woohoo! I would ...
  1. Go around the world in 80 days, and try my best to live like the locals. Promise not being an annoying tourist. Unless from my apparent physical distinction, I will stay quiet the whole time and just try to enjoy the FOOD. Okay, maybe the view as well.  Roughly the other 10 days for rest and recovery.
    We'll save the moon for another time. Also, technically, that would be out of this world. Literally.
  2. I would put my self in a short course to learn a new skill. I'd love to learn a new language!
  3. Set up a business and hire a good marketing guy. Then date the marketing guy. Just kidding.
  4. Prepare applications for scholarship.
  5. Prepare applications for jobs for big BIG companies.

Oh such a lot to do in only 3 months! In the end of it, it might also be me passing out and be cranky to go back to my normal schedule.

What would you do if you have 3 months off from your current mundane daily tasks? Isn't it fun to daydream? :))

I would add a picture of a big air balloon, but I might add it a bit later on and this line will be deleted by then. I don't know why I just think of big air balloon whenever I say "around the world in 80 days"!