September 03, 2013

Let's Sit and Have a Cup of Tea


A mail delivery for a cup of tea? :))

How are you? Please take a seat... I believe this  is the first time we meet for a cup of tea?... :)

My name is Em, it is from Emillia. :) Please do come in and take a seat. It is rather scorchingly hot and humid these days, or else we shall sit leisurely at the terrace, but for today, shall we get some shade inside overlooking the terrace instead?

Today I have prepared for us a pot of tea (and endless stream of hot water, no worries, as much as my monthly water bill can take), ooh, it's still steaming in there! :)) Milk and sugar, of course, both brown and white. I don't know how you usually take your tea, so I have both. I also have lemons, and shortbread biscuits! To dip in the tea too of course! Store-bought though, I'm afraid. Has the oven been fixed I would've prepared some plain sugar biscuits,... or coconut biscuits? Or peanut butter cookies?... Mmm... I'm sorry I'm rambling... Ooh, I forgot to tell you I also have a plate of jasmines from the garden here, haha, no, please don't eat them! But I like to brew my tea with some jasmines too. They will come out very fragrant and lovely. I'm sorry if this sounds odd to you, my father even likes to brew bay leaves with his tea. Now that I don't like. :) Do you reckon lemon peel will work though? Then we'll make some lemon tea! :D

August has been a roller coaster of letting go and embracing new things if I may say. A lot of catching up with old friends, a lot of new experiences, new understandings, but as always with welcoming new things seems like we have to let go of some other things.

The person I was with also decided to leave me early in the month, well, I did care about this person, and I thought he would stay forever, oh... young love... :) I guess I do have some growing up to do... But imagine how lovely it will be to stay young at heart forever, probably not the evading the responsibility part, but to keep feeling, viewing, and experiencing the world with the same excitement every day like a kid will do. :)

In other view, since early in July I had my first AMAZING allergic reaction which successfully put me in bed for a whole month (well it was pretty serious), and shocked me pretty much since I have never ever had any allergic reactions to anything my whole life before then! Well, this month I think I finally found out that I am allergic to shrimp, seafood and such, because I kept getting some (much) milder version of the reaction every time I eat some of them. I knew that foul smelling calamari rings really did have something quite foul about it. Shame it looked so lovely.

Also, someone close to me got back from Greece around the middle of the month, and she bought (and brought) me some pretty trinket. I think I will show you after this, it is this little blue bracelet which I love. It is very very lovely! I might be biased though, you know blue is one of my favourite colours! :))

In this month also, I have been posting (and doing) more than I ever think I could. I also got some lovely comments too, so really thank everyone who has commented, read, or even take a time to visit this minuscule space in the world wide (very complicated) web of mine.

Anyway, please let me ask again, how are you doing? Please let me know below,... or leave your link,... I will listen ever so patiently and excitedly! :) Or... please, do head over to the lovely and creative Abi's from Creating Paper Dream, if you haven't yet, this was an invitation from her monthly event for this cup of tea... Isn't it lovely? :) This supposed to go up on the 27, but who am I if I'm not always late...

Oh, it has been fun... :) I feel like Alice in a better tea party than the Mad's. Thank you very much for joining me... Can I give you a hug before you leave? Hope to see you soon... Have a lovely day! *wave
Please come and join me again next month!

Happily yours, xo, ♥

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