May 28, 2014

Overcoming Writer's Block

I haven't been blogging for a while now (verrryyy long time, feels like). Since a week already practically feels like an aeon in blogverse. I don't know what amost 2 months is! Too many things can happen! :D

So sorry for not blogging after I said I was back, haha, probably not the best thing to do. But I suppose I wanted to face my real world first before getting back on to blogging. :S
What I eventually did during the past months though, I can't really remember much. I suppose just going about almost fully in the real world. Which was kind of weird. 

Thennn afterwards also, little did I know that there is FEAR that comes with trying to blog again after such a long time of not blogging. And so I kind of met the writer's block...
I think what I'm trying to say is that probably we just need to roll with it when he's there. Oh, he'll be back for sure anyway. :D No need to miss him as much. I really don't know. What do you do when you meet the writer's block?

Blogging was constantly on my mind too, I miss the connection, the updates from everything, and the sense of community, I just didn't post anything nor communicate with anyone, which kind of defeated the whole purpose. :S Probably this kind of added up unnecessary pressure I put to myself that made the writer's block stayed a bit longer. The pressure to start blogging again, and blog GOOD things only! Whoa! No!
I'm so sorry, I feel like I'm such a terrible blogger / blogger friend. :S We did missed some internet celebrations for April Fool's Day, Easter, and Cinco de Mayo here, didn't we? :P

So, yes, for now, hellow and yellow! :) 
How's life been treating you for the past 2 months?
I really do miss you ... *uhh... kisses... :/
Hope you all well!

P.S. : Also, just saying, ironically, the final 'okay, that's it!' that made me venture out of my little safe nice cocoon of not posting is, -- well, did you know there will be spam comments if your account seems inactive for quite a while? Well, I didn't. Haha, so I suppose thanks a lot to those 2 'adult chat' sites that commented on my blog. :P (Edit: THREE! Really now spam bots?!)