March 19, 2014


WHOA! I'm back! Hahaha, haven't been the best weeks, I was down with some fever, rashes, and hives, followed by some sore throat and more fever, which practically reduced immensely my waking hours else I would attempt to SCRATCH myself impulsively. Not fun, haha, but now I'm back to blogging! Or basically to computer and internet in general too :S. Hopefully in full swing! :D Also, hopefully you have had better days last few weeks than mine, eep!

Anyway, this post is going to be probably pretty much different than my usual posts. Although, I'm not so sure I have any 'usual post', but yes, anyhow. :P

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this. You know one of those moments when you feel like you have something to handle and instead of the facing it, you feel like running away instead?
Have you ever have those moments?
Well yea, those.

I am that kind of person, mostly. Sadly I have to admit that almost every time I have something I need to take care of in which is generally unpleasant for me, or scary, or unknown, to me, fear creeps in and I need to shackle my own feet to eventually face them.
Most of the times I just run away first.

Oh this can be in many forms. It doesn't have to be physically running away surely. That would be very tiring! Although I might become very fit if I do that. Whoop!
But it can be as simple as avoiding thinking, or of course, this would end up in simple procrastination, such as when I was in school, studying for the tests...? I was one of those kids that would cram the materials like an hour before the test. Yep.

Well, even though, I did, to certain extend pass those assignments and tests in school quite okay-ish, well, it wasn't the best thing that could happen was it?

Avoiding tasks or things which I THINK I will not be able to do superbly isn't solving the problem.

Lately I have been thinking that, instead of running AWAY from it, whatever it is that creates this discomfort or stress for me, I should be running TOWARDS it, THROUGH it instead. 
Because as someone once said, well, actually quoting, Paul Varjak from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', *swoon*, he said, 'Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself'. Did I made you feel like Holy Golightly enough just then? :D


Running away isn't solving the problem because the happiness, the only solution that we were looking for is at the other end of that whatever we are running from.
So, I've been thinking that only by running THROUGH it, will I ever find the real deal state of peace.

Does that make sense? ... I certainly hope it does.
And I certainly hope that whatever that you are facing right now, or whatever that you are running from right now, even though hopefully there is absolutely none that you need to face and I only wish you all the gentle happiness in this world, but only IF there is any, I certainly hope that you can run THROUGH whatever it is, and reach that happiness that you always deserve. With all the power that can only make you stronger, and all the best lessons that can only make you a better person that then can take only at ease any future variations. :)

So there, I just rambled. I prefer to call it heart to heart talk though. :) Not sure you would enjoy this kind of very wordy opinionated probably irrelevant-to-you post, but, there it was. Ooufff!

Happy Wednesday, may weekend feels like it comes sooner than ever! :))

March 07, 2014

Writing More

These days I have been trying to write more, and so, this makes me think of my ideal condition for writing, you know the one that will wipe away that writing block the most! :P Ohohoho! :D --What would be in your list?...

March 05, 2014

Liebster Blog Award (... Again)

Déjà vu? Haha! :D I know I just did this last month. But I had been tagged again by the lovely Cathy from Hello, Cathy, yup, the one in the button on my side bar (go check her lovely blog! :D), and apparently I actually love writing these, so here we go again :P, and Cathy dear, thank you soooo much, and here are your answers! :D

1. Plaid or Stripes?
STRIPES! Haha! Red and white or navy blue and white! Make me feel nautical! :P
2. What do you hate
What do I hate?... Hmmm... real hate is such a strong word, but if hate as in annoyed by, well I  I do have pet peeves, haha, one of the silliest is when someone touch my computer screen! Oh please don't!! :S
3. Favorite thing to bake?
MUFFINS!!! YUUUMMM! --or apple pies... *drool
4. Mountain hike or Beach?
BEACHHH!! Haha... I feel so strongly about this.
5. Favorite thing to blog about?
Oh hmmm... I suppose my random thoughts haha, not sure that would be the most relateable or enjoyable to read though.
6. Favorite hairstyle to wear?
Up in a bun! Or french-plaited. Haha, because they are the easiest and else my hair tend to go extremely frizzy! Lion-like!
7. Most embarrassing childhood memory?
Hmmm... I never know what to answer about this. I was basically a very shy yet aloof-looking child (always looked frowning, haha), so I would shy away from any embarrassing moment possibilities, but I suppose there was this one time where I was daydreaming during some lesson when I was 6, --was completely zoned out, and apparently did that out loud, as I was clinking my bangles apparently quite loudly. Then the teacher called me out for being 'noisy' and disturbing the lesson. Oops! I'm sure I was bright red by then.
8. Seaworld or Disneyland?
Oh no! Tough choice!!! Hahaha, I'm going to say Disneyland! Because I have never been there, oh how I'd love to! :D
9. Twitter or Instagram?
Haha, errhhh... can I say Youtube, Tumblr, and Wikipedia? :P
10. Television or Internet?
11. Favorite childhood show that you use yo watch?
Oh so many! Haha, not used to though, I still watch them whenever I can, oh such embarrassing guilty pleasure. :P But probably when I was younger, mostly The Simpsons and Sesame Street. :D

Thanks again to Cathy for nominating me, and ... I'm not going to nominate anyone in particular this time, but if you're reading this and you want to do this, feel free to do so! :D My questions here

Wishing you a great week!