September 14, 2013

From Greece with LOVE

A little update! My cousin just got back from Greece! She bought me back some beautiful little trinkets that I mentioned, here. Now I'm going to to show you them!

Look how pretty! :)

Note the decorated plastic bag (is also in blue).

There is a definite air of warm sea water, subtle warm sunshine, and white washed walls on them. I'm not quite sure why ... I'd love to go there too myself some time.

1. Olive Oil Bar Soap
I cannot find the brand of this soap, but she says there are just common items found for tourists. Oh well, I'm not complaining, I love olive oil. My friend even teases me for it, since I always say, 'Dry hair? Try Olive Oil!' 'Ooh! Dry skin! Use some olive oil!'. Olive oil gullible girl. :P
Anyway, It does look like something my aunt would buy loads of though, and it does smells ... SO NICE! :)) Soaps make me happy! Since they smell nice, clean, and fresh? Odd, I know.
No, it does not smell anything like real olive oil though.

2. Evil Eye Bracelet and Pouch
Did you notice the design of those bracelet beads? ... Those darker blue, with white dots, then light blue dots, and finally black dots? Notice how there is one too on the zip of the pouch?
Apparently they are called the evil eye. It is believed that people (or wizards in the past? :P) can transfer bad luck to you by looking at you. Thus the evil eye is meant to protect you by looking at the person back. Or so said Wikipedia and some other website references I read from. :P Yup, we learn new things every day, don't we? Now we know! Or perhaps you already knew, haha.
Lucky me my cousin didn't hear the tour guide well enough when she was explaining about this. Else she wouldn't have gave them to me. :P Orrr ... she would've bought more for herself and excitedly explain them to me. She just knew it meant something then.
Oh yes I'll be wearing them often! Besides, they are in BLUE! :D

Side note, she also brought my brother a milk chocolate bar made out of CAMEL'S MILK! She said it is a thing in Greece and its neighbouring areas. I did not get a taste of it, it was gone before I could try some of it. I guess... my brother enjoys camel's milk. ;) Do you think it tastes like normal milk chocolate though?

Dreaming of longgg relaxing vacations, ... where would you prefer to go? ...


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