August 01, 2013

Toast & Tomatoes! ♥

So... there was this one lonely leftover tomato in my fridge... and there was this one lonely leftover bread on the table...

So here's what I made!

1. Dice the tomato,
2. then season with fresh or dried oregano and rosemary. seeds, juice and all, no fuss,
3. "dress" with olive oil (about 1/6 cup for 1 medium tomato)
4. add a pinch of salt to liking,

then roughly mix, mix, mix, just enough to blend.

Then I toast the bread just until it is crusty enough, then pour (and drizzle) the juicy fresh tomatoes on top of it, and eat them while the bread is still warm and crunchy, and the tomatoes I usually have them rather cold from the fridge! :))

They get soggy pretty quickly once the juice and oil drench the toast when let sit out cold.
Rubbing some garlic for the toast would taste nice too if you like garlic like me!

I make this quite often, this is one of my favourites, actually. I like how fresh the sweet and sour taste of the tomatoes is combined with the warm sweet bread, and the aromatic whim of the herbs ... this is one of my favourite fast go-to and pick-me-up snacks whenever available for a light bite. Well, mostly around midnight ... or those days when the sun is too hot ...
Now let's not get fancy and call this "tomato salad on toast" or "tomato bruschetta". Well, perhaps mainly 'cause it's not and its flat out simple.

Here's some more scrumptious pictures!

Fresh bread is the best! When they are still fluffy then crunched up ...? Mine was rather stale, but still taste good.

Bon appetit!

Mine is rather cold now 'cause apparently I took about 10 hours taking pictures!

Too busy devouring,

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