August 03, 2013

Carrots, Onions, and Egg!

What is that?? You ask.

Well, this... happens to be my breakfast! :D

The idea was to make something of like a frittata, but with only 1 egg, as I was going to eat this on my own in one meal.

So I peeled 2 medium-sized carrots, and kept peeling until they are all "peeled"! Look!
Made me happy!

That electric green bit was obviously my peeler :).

Then I "almost caramelised" sliced 1 whole onion (you can fully caramelised them if you'd like to, I ... was too starving *nervous grin*).

Took them off the pan, and mix them with 1 egg and a quarter cup of water (you can use milk, or cream, I didn't have both), sprinkle with salt (you can also add powdered chicken broth if you'd like to), and grated nutmeg, about a teaspoon, while I sauteed the carrots with a quarter of one big garlic clove just to taste.

Then I pour over the egg mixture and waited for it to be cooked!
Added another dash of nutmeg (oh yes, I like it! :D), and now I'm perfectly contented and just adequately filled!

Good morning!

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