August 25, 2013

Banana Oatmeal ❤

There was some very sweet lovely looking banana on the dining table, which I have sworn to make pancakes with for days. As apparently pancakes with banana and coffee sauce sounds very appealing to the very hungry 7 a.m. me.

But then ... I found out there were no eggs in the fridge to make the pancakes with! Yet, ... there WERE some oats though, the quick-cooking and very versatile ingredients, luckily.

So there it was, and there went my hunger! :D

I lightly cooked the bananas in caramelised sugar syrup just until they are tender enough but not too mushy.

I also added some mashed bananas in the oatmeal, and the chocolate is thicken with a little flour and water (since I have no milk in the fridge, as almost always :)). No sugar was added into the oatmeal or the chocolate. So the chocolate was bittersweet and the oatmeal tasted and smelled just as sweet as the bananas.

I topped it with some digestive biscuits (I'd put gingersnaps too if I had some) and there it was! Gone in less than 5 minutes! :D

I wonder though, do you like oatmeals? Because I know some people who would rather starve than eating them. ;o

Happy Sunday! Now I can go back to bed peacefully. :)


  1. I love oatmeal! Especially with bananas and brown sugar!
    cooked bananas in caramelized sugar syrup! Sounds amazing!
    :) Liz @

    1. Yay for oatmeal! :D Oh banana and brown sugar sounds amazing too! The bananas cooked in caramelised sugar syrup WAS delicious! Cheers to more rounds of scrumptious food!! :))