August 09, 2013

Happiness Cards

The idea was to make cards that would remind me of the things that makes me happy.

You know how sometimes you feel like you can use a little bit of uplift?

Well, in most of those times, it can be very hard for me to think of anything that can make me happy.

So here's a little reminder, and stimulator. As you know, a little goes a long way, one depiction will lead to another, and in a shorter time, I shall feel ... sunnier! :)

I cut out little hearts on it so there are hearts on the inside shadows too (thinking cheeky metaphor).
Cards and hearts.

Colour the hearts inside and see where the shadows fit on!
Colouring pencils, cards, with coloured hearts and pictures in them!

In my cards: Big colourful balloons flying across a beautiful city!
Big balloons flying across the sky of a beautiful city.

Laughing babies! Makes me smile even now! :D
Laughing babies sketch.
Then I add some feel good quotes ... :)
Quotes: "YOU are GOOD" and "the world's waiting for you".

I'll hang these behind the foot of my bed with brown paper string (and perhaps fairy lights?) for a reminder now and then. Might change them every so often too! Photographs in them will work juust as fine.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded a little! :)

Lots of love,

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