August 03, 2013

Basic Face Cleansing ♥ All Things Pretty Saturday!

Face cleansing is obviously the first step in skincare routine. Yes, skincare routine. I've just been recently reminded that that skincare is an everyday routine (-- and yes it goes wayyy beyond just face cleansing).

Anyway, the following notes are also as a reminder to myself, as I constantly have the urge to over-wash. Let's take care of our skin :).


  • Wash hands first before washing face. Hands contain germs and bacteria as well. Unwashed hands will only transfer them to the face.
  • Splash the face with lukewarm water. Water that is too hot or too cold, or the use of cool water after warm water or vice versa, might be too harsh and might cause unnecessary irritations.
  • Try to touch or rub the skin as little as possible while splashing the face to also avoid the spread of the dirt or germs or bacteria on the face.
  • Foam a small amount of facial wash (dry skin can survive even using just a really tiny amount).
  • Spread the foam thoroughly all over the face with small circular motions, gently massaging the face.
  • Once done, swiftly wash off the foam by splashing the face with the lukewarm water again. Try to touch or rub the skin as little as possible while splashing again too.
  • Try not to over-wash (such as leaving the foam too long on the skin). Over-wash can strip off natural oil on the skin and may lead to skin irritations.
  • Pat off the skin with a clean supple towel or cloth, while avoiding tugging or taunting the skin while doing so in preventing as much as we can against premature wrinkles ;).

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