December 13, 2013

Fitness Goals

All through this December I have been planning on nothing but basking myself in the glory of the festive season. The things on my mind was nothing but celebrations and happiness and joy and Christmas... So to say, a time to slow down and have fun.

Well, that was until I got home last night only to find a dear family member was not feeling very well. Kind of felt like a reminder that life never stops for a holiday season, and that no matter what, it might be good to keep paying attention to our health. Daily.

So not playing the party pooper, but it got me thinking what I could've done better to take care of my and my family's health in general. Oh in a cheery red and green way. *GRIN*

  1. To start exercising, move around and be active!

    I'm so lazy at this. The last and only time I exercised was probably during that once a week PE lessons in high school, in which any outdoor activities like basketball and volleyball will be done by murmuring under my breath. :S
    IF I have to pick a new exercise activity though, I think it would be great to go back practising my flag tossing and spinning. Although a male constructor worker's over-toned upper arm muscly look is always the threat. I took years to flab them back. Or perhaps I'll resort back to dancing!

  2. 'Stop avoiding food that are good for you, just because you don't like them!'

    Well, in that case, unless you're a duck. :)) They eat gravel.

  3. Get enough sleep. Also, start sleeping BEFORE midnight.

    THIS has to be my worst vice. EVER. I have yet to master the ability to hibernate my mind at night (after I hibernate my computer ;)). That skill should've been thought in primary schools! As of now, I think I'll pass for a lesser looking vampire as no amount of concealer will look normal on me. Please don't be scared.

  4. Eat on time when hungry. Note to self: eating in dreams doesn't count, even if you'll wake up feeling not hungry anymore.

  5. Keep positive thoughts. Because hopefully, that will lead to better life decisions and less self destructing activities (I really mean like too much super sugary doughnuts). :D

In summary, eat well, sleep well, think well, and exercise!

What would be in your list? I'm quite bad at it, thus I have quite a few points. Are you already a fit health conscious person? Way to go, you! :))



  1. OMG! did you draw this? they are super cute!
    I can't agree more!! especially on 3, start sleeping before midnight. I mean, time just flies whenever im in bed with my phone and because of this, i can never fall a sleep before midnight. Of course I regret every time ;)

    1. Thanks :)) --Me too! Haha, I regret it EVERY morning!

      xo Em

  2. this is adorable