December 18, 2013

Catching Fire Thoughts

So I FINALLY watched Catching Fire last weekend. I said finally because obviously I am probably one of the last persons to watch it.

I have been waiting for this movie for as long as since the first movie was out! So, as predicted, it did left quite an impression on me.

Here they are!

WARNING: This post might or might not contain spoilers. :)

  1. This needs to be the first point, before anything else, I just need to say, why is Jennifer Lawrence so PERFECT? Just why. She's funny, smart, and talented. Did I mentioned an Oscar winner at such a young age? :S

    Oh yes, the life of an old hag spent with jealousy. :P
  2. I genuinely cried during that scene with Rue's family. She was my favourite character. Thankfully it was dark.
  3. I want Effie's gold hair! Seriously! Shoud I say ... Goldeous? :] I really mean gorgeous.
  4. Thank goodness for a milder PG-13. Even though, I should say, I was well prepared this time.

  5. Mid-way, I started thinking that the recipe to a successful trilogy is to make sure that the main character is a girl, and in the second book she has to choose so hard in between 2 ridiculously dreamy boys. I wish that is how real life is. Probably that is partially why it sells so well. I buy that.
  6. I love, love, LOVE Johanna Mason, and ...
  7. Sam Claflin, oh Sam Claflin truly never dissapoints. I slept well that night ;).

Oh, I did enjoyed this one massively, but I think I enjoyed the last one better, as this time there was less food except for those Capitol macarons!
I wish there were more!

Yup, that is the only deciding factor for a glutton.

Wishing so bad she's (at least) one tenth as cool as Jennifer Lawrence,

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