May 30, 2013

Must-Haves : Kitchen Ingredients Checklist

This was based on my experiences during my student years.
When I tried to feed myself (and 5 other mouths) (friends I mean) on a tight budget, while avoiding processed food (which turned out to be more expensive too (!) than cooking on my own), and trying varied recipes like a horse out of the gate, since then we could cook anything we wanted to eat (!) :D, while trying not to gain too much weight.

The weight part was the hardest one.
Because we ended up cooking and eating too many since we enjoyed them so much.

So it might work best for student friendly recipes,... and penny pinchers.
Or just someone with a sensibly tight budget.
Oh well! Basically, and hopefully, everyone!

Especially those who are expecting to stay and cook on their own for the first time. :)

Here are the list of ingredients which I must had at all times, lasted seems like forever without spoiling, will be used to it's max, then easy and cheaper to replace (as they are common, duh!), and ready to be made a thousand different recipes at any time
Okay, a thousand might sound a little too much.

In the cupboard, room temperature:
  1. Main star : 
    1. Rice
    2. Dried pasta
    3. Cornflakes
    4. Oats
    5. Flour (self-raising / plain)
  2. Seasoning : 
    1. Salt
    2. Black pepper
    3. White sugar
  3. Herbs (dried) : 
    1. "Italian"mix
    2. (Optional : ground cumin, ground turmeric -- one day when we craved curries ..)
  4. Oil : 
    1. Canola (largest bottle, most economical, least suspicious looking)
    2. Olive (extra virgin) (very small one)
  5. Ingredient (fresh) : 
    1. Garlic bulbs
    2. Onions
    3. Potatoes
  6. Drink : 
    1. Chocolate powder / tea / coffee,
    2. Powdered milk
  7. Sauce (extra small) : 
    1. Oyster
    2. Fish
    3. Sweet soy
    4. (Optional : white rice vinegar (Mirin), teriyaki sauce (Kikoman) -- well, these might be because my housemates loved Japanese dishes)
  8. Other : 
    1. Tinned fish (brine / water / oil)
    2. Maple / golden syrup
    3. (Optional : Nori -- for sushi of course!)

In the fridge:
  1. Canola margarine
  2. Grated ginger in a jar
  3. Cooking chocolate
  4. Eggs
  5. Carrots
  6. Tomatoes

In the freezer:
  1. Frozen mixed vegetables
  2. Frozen berries (smallest commercial bag available)
  3. Plain vanilla ice cream (BIG tub)

I omitted some ingredients due to their shelf lifespan and easy-storage-inability,
and price.

They would be nice-to-have for me, but not essential, and are easily replaced with something else more seasonal (e.g. good vinegar to lemon).
Well they might not be exactly the same, so ...
If it is with a tight budget, geez...

So ... How do you agree with the list, what are in yours? Let me know.

I'll list the essential kitchen utensils in another entry ;).

Lots of Love,

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