May 21, 2013

About This: "Ellie the Elephant and Other Stories"

The first "book" on the "shelf" of my "Children Stories" tab will be here soon! Very soon! :D

The first "book" will be titled "Ellie the Elephant and Other Stories", as said, and the first story of it will be, guess what, "Ellie the Elephant"! :P

It was written for a best friend of mine back then, who happens to have this fascination for elephants (the stuffed animals and the real heavy plant-eating mammal with thick skin?).

Also, it is the one that I've been working on on its illustration for the past months as I wrote in my "Up and Coming" section, which is now 100% completed!

So happy to tell that it is finally done, and ... :D remember when I told you I will be telling you when the actual story will be up? Well, wait for it, as it will be up in 2 days from now (on May 23)!

With the first story of the first "book" up, "Classic-Charlotte-the-assistant" will also be clickable, and, this first "book" will have 5 stories in total in it!

Sincerely hope this will be enjoyable for all ages too.

Happily yours, :D

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