May 09, 2013

Learning to Blog


Hi guys,

so... apparently, I have been secretly planning to post a new video every week ;p (shhh... don't tell anyone). So yeah, that included last week and this week.

Honest! I have had something prepared that I have been working on for at least a month, and I was pretty proud of.

Here's a clue, something to do with a bedroom, and a sloth. ;)

However, last week, I got,...well admittedly, a bit down :). In summary, I became not sure again of whether the thing that I'm doing, this, has any value at all to anyone. Because it does feel like talking to a brick wall sometimes.
Well, there is a reason to this actually, an actual 'something' that triggered this thought in me, but, I might tell it in another post. :)

Yes, it was fast to say that after only (even less than) a month! Such champion mentality! :P

In the end, however (!), it also hit me, that it is hard, it is hard to start something and learn something new. Well at least to me, that's the way I know it so far.

Also, it got me thinking, even though sometimes it is oh-so-very-amazing to have a known audience (or friends!), if you love and want to create something and take pleasure in the process of creating something creative (or writing, or video making, or pitiful doodling in my case), then you just have to do it.
Just for the sake of creating. Just for the sake of being creative. Just because you love it.

So if anyone is facing the same situation, let's hold hands and hold on and just keep being creative... and dear ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what I decided to do... I'm going to keep doing what I have been doing for a very long time now *self-directed-sarcasm* hehe, and I do always wish and hope and pray that sometime, somewhere, somehow, I can make someone's day a brighter day.

I'm still working on my latest video, so it might take several more days.

But! I did not completely stopped working on things, since now... if you haven't noticed, in my "UP AND COMING" section somewhere around there --->,
my "Ellie the Elephant" progress is now 99%!

Woohoo! Took me a really long while, but now, at least very shortly, probably next week, will tell you when exactly, the "Children Stories" section up top will have it's first entry! :D

Also in another note...

My video was supposed to be uploaded on Cinco de Mayo, so... happy belated Cinco de Mayo!
Aren't Mexican food such delish!

Lots of love,

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