June 09, 2013

About This: "Three Cupcakes for Michael and a Chocolate Bar for Andie"

Hello there! :)

So my first story was up, yay. :) Thank you for everyone who had responded and supported me thus far.

Now, ... so... as given by the sneak peeks in here, ...

and the "Up and Coming" section, ...

and ... here...

I guess it's pretty clear what the title of the next story will be, "Three Cupcakes for Michael and a Chocolate Bar for Andie", yup, and it will be up in 3 days! On June 12, 2013! :D
Currently I'm still working on its finishing touches.

This one I wrote one fine day whilst thinking about the enigma of sibling (and relative) relationship,
-- in a much, much more shallower level than you think I am (or I should be). :P
I mean more like generally how sometimes we hate each them, I think because as general human beings we happen to communicate very differently so sometimes we cannot understand them,... but we love them, as we should be, and since they do hold a special place in our hearts, ...as should be... :)
Well all those and how I wanted my younger relatives back then to know that I love them too.

So well, voici!

Or voilĂ  since I will be sharing it in three days, not exactly now. :S

So well, hope you will enjoy it too, and it will bring smiles to you faces. :D

Sincerely hoping,


  1. Preparing myself for the story, and gonna blast it out to the world to know ;)

  2. Thank you, xang! :D It's tomorrow!