October 24, 2013

ScaryTag#3 The Laughs, Whistles, Perfume, and Dance

Alright, there were several of them so far, and they are all equally scary to me.

The first one EVER, was when I was around 6 years old. I was in my cousin's house for the holiday, because my nanny was off that day, so my parents put me in my cousin's house for the whole day, so that there was someone, well, my cousin's nanny, to look after me, while they were off to work.

Now, my cousin is as about the same age as me, and she had this MOST AMAZING collection of, mmm... do you know those eraser collectibles? Well, yeah, those.Those so pretty and lovely and minuscule and really cute erasers that you can never have the heart to use them for real erasers, especially for a 6 years old.

Well, I was admiring these lovely collectibles which was lined and displayed neatly on a desk in her bedroom, right next to her bed, facing the wall that was shared with the next door neighbour's, when out of thin air... I heard... A WOMAN LAUGHING! Histerically!
As if from the other side of the wall ...
But the laugh was not normal. If you ever hear a banshee laugh (well I suppose banshees weep,... but imagine them laughing), well it sounded like that.
It was high pitched, shrieking, shrill, maniacal, and overall... WHAT the plum WAS THAT?!

Needless to say, I RAN OUT OF THE ROOM, heart's jumping and all, trying to look calm and cool.

I think I told the nanny I heard something, but she didn't believe me.

Yep, to this day I believe this was why ... ... -- Because ... she ... was ... actually ...
'the one' ... ...
O_O Ooohhhh...

Oh well. :D

Years later, my cousin told me that there was actually something or 'someone' outside of her old bedroom window, the one I was in...
Well, so that might be... -- :S... -- Here's the layout of her old room.

Anyway, there were some other instances, as I said that involved some whistles, perfume scent, and some 'dancing' clothes hangers.

But this post is already long enough, so I'll leave you to that!

At least someone was happy somewhere.
... I suppose ... O.O


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