October 17, 2013

ScaryTag#2 No Scary Movie

Scariest movie? ALL horror movies!

Well, almost all of them ...

I'm such a big wimp, YET, there are times where I would actually love to watch them. Usually with a friend and I would end up enjoying them. Well, kind of, when the story is really good.

Yesss, :P enjoying pestering my friend from 15 minutes in until the lights are back on that is.

Also! When it's all just jump-scares and overly dramatic and loud music, then I'd feel like wasting money (and time) just to be scared inside the movie theatre. As if life is not hard enough. :S. Besides, the super cute and light-proof cardigan will not help by then as it is not entirely sound-proof.

So scariest movie? (almost) ALL horror movies! You name them!


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