October 10, 2013

ScaryTag#1 The Scary Scarecrow

When I was real young, someone gave me this "choose your own adventure" kind of book. I suppose because she knew I love reading (still do!), but I don't think she knew that I really didn't enjoy those kinds of books.
Yea, ... I suppose I have chosen to be dull since I was a kid and any sort of "adventure" in anything will make me sneeze 10 times. :)
Okay, actually, it was because they kind of disrupt and distract the real flow of the story and I don't enjoy that.

Anyway, there were these scary scarecrow pictures that would make me feel sooooo scared each time I read the book so I would skip the pages AS SOON AS I COULD every time I was reading it. The scarecrow was a witch, pasty white, scrawny, with witch-y overly pointed face with long nose, straw-like hair, and yellow eyes like owls (I mean, yellow?! Really?! For children's books!).
Apparently it worked for human babies too apart from crows. Well, I found it so scary I still remember it until today!
So in the spirit of Halloween, I challenged myself to revisit the pages and post the pictures, but... I couldn't find the book! :S


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