November 16, 2013

The Big Girl in The Big City

It was pouring rain that morning in Gigantica. An industrial city. The fog was thick and it was muddy everywhere.
The busy city run around its usual hectic schedule. Nothing would have stopped it. Not even the thunderstorm. 

People were rushing past each other without looking at each other in the face. There was no time to do so.

The mass transportation system was as busy transporting people from one point to the other. 

There was always too little time.

Out of nowhere the people hear a crying sound. Loud enough for the whole city to hear. But still, no one was stopping. There were things to attend to.

Then suddenly the mud somehow got thicker, and the puddles got deeper and wider.

Deep enough that the sewers could not contain it any longer. The water has risen to ankle deep.

The people kept walking briskly. Like nothing happened.

The shadows from the city skyline then got darker and darker. Something unusual was happening.

Among the buildings there showed up a girl. A very big girl. 

She seemed to made out of steel, as tall as the tallest building. 
She stepped into the city, and vehicles passed by avoiding her feet.

Now it is clear where the crying was from. The big girl was adding more water to that of the rain.

She stared and stared to the people. Crying louder with each minute.

But no one even seemed to notice her there. They had things to attend to. There was always not enough time.

Then suddenly as sudden as she came, the crying stopped. 

She stood still in her place, ... and out of that big girl came out ... a little girl. 

A little girl with a very big coat.

She dropped the overweight coat, and walked along with the other people.
This way, someday, she too, will be a real big girl.

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