November 23, 2013

It's Getting Cooler!

Hello, :)

It's been raining constantly every day for the past week. I love it, the weather is getting cooler and cooler. This is as chilly as it gets where I am currently living.

Cooler weather like this always come with certain feelings and memories for me every year, though.
Well, ... here are some of them.

    • Reading Harry Potter book intensely day in day out for the Nth time
    • Reading any novels!
    • Reading, just reading, from morning 'til night
    • The smell of the paper, old books, new books, all of them
    • Playing ALL DAY LONG and only stopping for shower and toilet breaks (eating while playing)
    • Sleeping in until past noon
    • Shivering while showering (my bathroom has an over-sized ventilation directly to the backyard) :s 
    • Break-ups
    • Hot chocolates with marshmallows and plain hot tea
    • Baking all kinds of cookies and eating a dozen of freshly baked blueberry muffins! -- Yep, that happened, all in one go!
      Sort ... of ... proud ... ... :S

    How's the current weather in your area and what feelings / memory does it bring for you during this time of the year? :)

      Much love from under the wrap of the blanket,

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