April 21, 2013

About This: Blog Starting

Welcome, everyone! To my new blog.

Well, I have been meaning to do This for a long while.

But several things held me up.

So after:
  • dwelling in the doubts for 1 and a half years (Hint: This blog is not new), 
  • taking too much time in designing the look and feel of this blog, 
  • did some "test posts" to see the responses (-- not much),
I came to the following pretty blunt conclusion:
'Just do it! (for goodness sake!)'

So... considering this is a new year, I thought it's a perfect time to start... this story blog!
I'm aiming to post 10 stories this year, and I will be sure to let you know when they're up. Be sure to follow and join me for that, or if we have the same interests, or... be sure to check back often?...

Feel free to let me know of your interests or your blog too!

As for a more functional explanation about this blog, including...
  1. navigation information (yes, in case you get lost within this blog), 
  2. contact information, 
  3. or,... more about me, the possible chatter behind this post, just to make sure about me,
it is in the "About EMdEMILLIA :)" page in the header tab up there, or well, here.

Have a wonderful stay!